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The following is a suggested schedule of recommended chemical applications for area lawns for a calendar year.

JAN: No activity required.

FEB: Spray most shrubs with dormant oil. Apply pre-emergent weed control

MAR: Mid March - Apply lawn fertilizer.
Spray all budding shrubs and ornamental trees with insecticide.

APR: Mid April - Fertilize all shrubs.

MAY: Mid May -
Apply lawn fertilizer.
Apply lawn insecticide.

JUN: Mid June - Apply lawn insecticide.

JUL: Late July -
Apply lawn fertilizer.
Apply lawn insecticide for chinch bugs.
Fertilize all shrubs.

AUG: Mid August - Apply lawn insecticide for chinch bugs.

SEP: Early September - Apply lawn fungicide to prevent brown patch.

OCT: Early October -
Apply lawn fungicide to prevent or cure brown patch. Apply pre-emergent (weed control)

NOV: Apply winterizer fertilizer to lawn.

DEC: No activity required.

This schedule is subject to change due to weather and may need to move forward or backward by as much as two weeks. Should you desire that Ray's Nursery, Inc. furnish and apply some or all of the above chemicals, your prior authorization will ensure the most timely action; however, we will make every effort to respond to your daily requests.



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